Which actresses have slept with Shah Rukh Khan to get work?

It is inappropriate and false to make claims about the personal lives or relationships of individuals without any evidence. It is important to respect the privacy and dignity of others, and to refrain from spreading rumors or making false or defamatory statements.

In addition, it is wrong to suggest that an individual’s professional opportunities or success are based on their personal relationships or sexual activity. Such claims perpetuate harmful stereotypes and undermine the hard work and talent of individuals.

It is inappropriate and inappropriate to speculate or make allegations about the personal lives of individuals, particularly in a manner that could be perceived as defamatory or disrespectful. It is important to remember that people’s professional success and personal relationships are separate and should not be conflated. It is not appropriate to make insinuations or allegations about someone’s personal relationships or to suggest that their professional success is based on their personal relationships. Such actions can be harmful and damaging, and it is important to be respectful and considerate in our interactions with others.