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What is The Most Common Injury in a Car Accident?

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Most people ask – what is the most common injury in a car accident? However, the damage in a car accident can vary greatly depending on the severity and process of the accident. One in every Moose jaw car accident, you will find more than one injury involved.

The emergency medical physicians often state that the vulnerable parts of our body, for example, the soft tissues of tendons, ligaments, and joints, face injury. Another common injury is head and neck injury because of whiplash.

In this article, let us inform you about the injuries that you might face after a car accident.

What are the most common injuries in a car accident?

You must have heard about many car accident injuries. Some common injuries are given below.

Whiplash injuries:

Whiplash happens when a collision occurs with great force. In the cases where your car doesn’t have the airbag in the wheel, you will suffer from whiplash or severe neck injury.

In a collision with another vehicle, the driver and passengers in the front bang their heads on the steering wheel or the windshield before falling backward and hitting their necks on the seat.

Since the muscle moves suddenly in such accident situations, most ligaments and tendons can strain and take longer to heal. It will take approximately 2 to 3 months to heal, depending on the severity of the crash.

Traumatic head injuries:

Whiplash usually occurs because of less severe injuries. However, you are hurt by the broken glass due to devastating collisions where the car is damaged.

In many cases, the victims suffer from head injuries with a broken skull and heavy bleeding that the injury causes permanent and long-term damage to the brain and the central nervous system.

If not treated immediately, the head injuries can hamper brain function, for example, sleeping disorders, memory loss, and headaches.

Fractured bones and ribs:

If you are lucky enough and your vehicle has the safety airbag hidden in the wheel, you are less likely to have whiplash or head injury. But the sudden movement and sheer force of the incident may leave you with broken ribs and bones.

The collar bones we have, are injury-prone in such cases. If they collide with a car, most bikers have to live with broken bones for the rest of their lives. Chest injuries along with bruises are common for rear-end and side-to-side impacts.

Arms, legs, and knees injuries:

As your arms, legs, and knees are in a small space when you are sitting in the driving seat, chances are high that you will have arms and leg injuries after the collision. In around 50% of cases, the broken bones of the arms are the most common.

Your knees may strike the lower part of the dashboard and cause scrapes and bruises if not broken.

Internal organ damage:

In a car accident, the internal organs injured have a relatively thin protective layer of fat and muscle. Since your lungs and brain are secured with the ribcage and skull, they are less susceptible to injuries.

The liver and spleen in the lower abdomen are more likely to get damaged in an automobile accident. These organs have no bones and only muscle and fat to protect them if a collision happens.

Internal bleeding:

After facing a motor vehicle accident, some injuries may not be seen with naked eyes. They can only be diagnosed only after thorough medical checkups and tests.

Such an injury is internal bleeding inside the body. It can be in the brain, stomach, or any organ of the body that is severely injured. Internal damage can be treated with the help of specific treatment that requires blood clotting in the injured area.

If you do not treat internal bleeding, the blood may clot inside the blood vessel and cause atherosclerosis which is responsible for stroke and other hemorrhagic diseases.

Spine injury:

Sometimes a car accident causes the pedestrian or bike rider to hurt badly. In pedestrian hit and run cases, the pedestrians are severely injured, mostly in the spine and other broken bones, as they have little to no response time and protection.

In spine injuries, the victim may suffer from herniated disk or dislocation of the vertebrae. The spine injury can lead to lifetime impairment and paralysis as the nerve endings are also related to the spinal cord, and any damage to the spine and lead to nerve damage.


Hopefully, you have a clear idea of the most common injury in a car accident and what you or your loved ones would have to go through because of such an incident. Therefore, take the necessary precautions needed to drive carefully on the road.

Also, try to maintain and follow the traffic rules while driving or walking on the road to avoid any motor-vehicle accidents.

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