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What does a Salesforce consultant do?

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Salesforce is a company that provides software helping business owners manage operational CRM. The service includes customer services, marketing, application development according to the requirement, business automation, and many more.

Now you may ask, if Salesforce provides the service through software, what does a Salesforce consultant do?

Simply put, a salesforce consultant will assist you in resolving business issues by incorporating the company’s needs with Salesforce features.

What are the levels of Salesforce Consultant?

According to their year of experience, Salesforce consultants are considered entry-level, mid-level, and senior consultants. In some cases, the job responsibility differs from experience.

Also, they are often called functional, technical, or presales consultants.

Let’s find out how the job responsibility of a functional consultant changes with experience.

Entry-level Salesforce consultant:

The beginners in this career are known as entry-level consultants. They are responsible for the duties below till a year of their job.

They are:

  • Assisting in teamwork
  • Migration or cleaning up data
  • Getting experienced in configuration tasks
  • Learning how to execute field configuration and process builder
  • Work on customizing Salesforce reports while following the demand of the clients
  • Providing user training to the companies or user acceptance testing.

Mid-Level Salesforce consultant:

With the experience of working for 1 to 3 years, you can progress to a mid-level consultant. At this stage, you will have the following job responsibilities.

  • Involving in presales and utilizing the Salesforce products after collecting and verifying the client’s requirements.
  • Practice business analysis according to the client’s requirement that they have to collect independently.
  • Having in-depth knowledge about the Salesforce integrations about complex data.
  • Working with Salesforce Developers to utilize the service’s functionality per the client’s demand.

Senior Salesforce Consultant:

Being a Senior consultant will make your workload way more complicated. The experience you have gathered in the past years will help you involve in the project as a leader and oversee an entire project to finish it on time.

Most of the time, a senior consultant will attempt to consider all the little problems the client’s business may have and design a solution. A senior consultant can supposedly see the big picture and provide the best possible answer.

Moreover, training the employees and building a roadmap for future improvement are also included in his job responsibilities. Other than these, at all levels of their career, they have to fulfill some basic duties.

Let’s move on to them.

What is the job responsibility of a Salesforce consultant?

A Salesforce consultant is a professional advisor who is an expert in implementing salesforce functionality in any industry. His job will cover analyzing, designing, and developing the application in Salesforce.

Here are some of the job responsibility a Salesforce consultant need to fulfill.

Estimating workforce:

A company is not always aware of how much workforce they need for a project. After estimating the workforce, a consultant will introduce the applications Salesforce offers to the company’s existing system.

Through the applications, any organization can manage its workforce seamlessly. From employment to retirement, Salesforce has the most organized system to manage the payroll, leaves, talent management, and everything in between.

Scheduling projects:

When you want to end a project on time successfully, you need two factors consistently. They are dedicated employees and have well-planned scheduling.

 A Salesforce professional can assist you in creating a schedule that will enable you to complete the task on time. A consultant needs to be a perfectionist while managing the strict scheduling and considering the workers.

Managing the budget:

One of the main reasons a project needs to be terminated in the middle of the timeframe is – budget. Even a well-planned project has a chance to stop if there is not enough funding. A Salesforce consultant can help you finish the job within the budget and make happy clients.

Ensuring proper communication:

You can ensure no communication gap with the business-to-business and business-to-consumer approach of Salesforce Sales cloud. And your trusted Salesforce consultant agency will help you implement the service into your system.

And with the applications, any business can have sales, marketing, service, customer service, and delivery orders in a single platform.

Implementing Field Services:

Field service lightning solutions are the best addition to Salesforce applications. A consultant will help you implement the service with which any business can start providing the field services.

Everything can be done in just one platform, from taking orders, appointing mobile workers, optimizing the schedule, resources, and inventory management, to finishing the order.


When your company is expanding, keeping up with the pace can be challenging. Any poor choice you make at that point could cost a great deal. You require the assistance of a CRM like Salesforce for this reason.

Additionally, you may fully leverage Salesforce capabilities with the aid of Salesforce consultants. Success will come to you quickly if you can successfully adopt Salesforce’s application development.

Hopefully, this article helped you understand the importance of hiring one after learning what a salesforce consultant does. You can also consider becoming one if you possess the management skills necessary to work as a consultant.

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