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What Do Capital Goods Jobs Pay

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You might have heard of the industrial revolution in the 18th century. Machinery and automation plants have refurnished the with capital goods since that revolution. 

But why is there a craving for the capital good jobs? What do capital good jobs pay? Welcome aboard! I, Lorenzo, and that’s what I will look up today! Let me tell you the story of capital good jobs first!

What Is Capital Goods?

If you are a fresher graduate looking for jobs, you must know what capital goods are. So, here is my definition of capital goods for you.

“Capital goods are the products that are used to make another product or service! The goods are intended to supply materials for both consumers and investors. The goods are durable, sturdy, and attachable.” 

Example of Capital Goods: 

Capital goods can include machinery, vehicles, computers, tools, and similar items you can install in the manufacturing plant. The fun fact is buildings, and other structures are also a part of the capital goods!

However, the easiest way to understand capital goods is they are goods to produce more goods like them! Like a zombie bites to make other zombies!

The capital goods sector includes manufacturing, construction, and mining industries. Do you believe that most national revenue comes from capital goods jobs?

What are Capital Good Jobs?

When you are about to look for a job, choose one that offers a good salary range! Well, I might be different! Haha! But I suggest you go for one that offers growth and opportunity! Hence, capital good jobs are waiting for you there!

Anyway, capital good jobs consist of the people who take responsibility for operating the production process from head to toe. I have listed some of the major roles to make a better understanding.

  • Assembler Jobs
  • Marketing Manager Jobs
  • Engineering Manager Jobs
  • Sales manager Jobs
  • Quality Control Manager Jobs
  • Industrial Designer Jobs
  • Research and Development Technician Jobs
  • Management Analyst Jobs

Don’t become upset; now comes the salary details of those jobs! That is what you have been looking for in this article! No more suspense anymore!

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What Do Capital Goods Jobs Pay?

Capital good jobs offer high hourly wages, starting from entry-level positions. You can earn more than $100,000 per year if you have enough education and experience.

Accordion to the data from research scientists, my team and I surveyed the industrious and made the average salary for each job listed by the companies. Let’s dive into the details.

Best Paying Capital Goods Jobs

I have listed the payment of the nine most anticipated jobs in the capital goods industries, which can give you a good fortune over the year. Those payments are: 

  • Engineering Manager

Average Salary: $149,500

Job Details: Engineering managers create and coordinate engineering projects in a capital goods company. The minimum requirement for this job is having an undergraduate degree in engineering. Besides, you must have work experience in the related fields as an employee or intern. You have to improvise plans for the best outcome.

  • Marketing Manager

Average Salary: $141,000

Job Details: Marketing managers influence the buyers to purchase the products. A marketing manager must know the requirements of the industry they work in. They work with sales representatives and calculate the market value of the products. If you are good at the brain and talking, unlike me, this can be your perfect job.

  • Sales Manager

Average Salary: $132,000

Job Details: Sales managers lead the sales representatives team to sell the final product. They definitely require a good understanding of the production process for capital goods. Do you have a bachelor’s degree in economics, Business, or technical field? Then apply for the jobs without confusion! Remember to grow your communication skills before anything else!

  • Training and Development Manager

Average Salary: $115,500

Job Details: Training and development managers prepare and develop other employees in a capital goods company. Industries produce niche-based products such as technology, electronics, shipping, etc., so the managers must know the specific fields. 

  • Software Developer

Average Salary: $110,000

Job Details: The whole industry relies on machinery and automation these days, so software developers have their chance to rule in the sector to make them function effectively. Developers can make computer apps and programs that will run the system accordingly. They make sure the capital goods manufacturing process is completed on time.

  • Electrical Engineer

Average Salary: $103,000

Job Details: Electrical engineers design all the electrical infrastructure to adjust with specific facilities. They also develop individual electrical components to enhance the production process. Many manufacturing plants custom equipment to make their unique polishing in the final products. Also, some plants need to fox their existing equipment.

  • Mechanical Engineer

Average Salary: $90,000

Job Details: Mechanical engineers develop and test the required machines before starting the operations of the capital goods. They recheck whether the machines are meeting industrial standards or not. Sometimes the client wants any custom changes in the design of the products; mechanical engineers make sure the changes are okay with the newly designed tools. 

  • Industrial Engineer

Average Salary: $90,000

Job Details: Industrial engineers inspect the machinery used in the production process in good working conditions. They design the workflow for the maximum productivity of the goods. 

  • Quality Control Inspector

Average Salary: $40,000

Job Details: Quality control managers examines the final products before shipment. They ensure that products have no defects and meet government standards. They sample the defective products and instruct to exclude those from the next production. 

  • Warehouse Worker

Average Salary: $30,000

Job Details: Warehouse Workers place the orders, then package and prepare for delivery once the production is done. They are the ones responsible for tracking and shipping. They stock the products and keep records of everything.  

How Can I find The Best Capital Good Jobs?

Let me ask you first, how did you find my article? From a search engine of course. Likewise, there are some resources and platforms to get the job offer.

Company Websites: When a new vacancy is created, the company immediately pins a notice on their websites.

Internship Opportunity: The capital goods sectors train their future workers by providing internships. So, apply for an internship in any company.

Online Job Board: Explore the job listing websites to check out jobs in your favorite position. You can search for jobs based on location and salaries.

Wrap Up

Well, Lorenzo won’t take you any long today! I hope you know enough about what do capital jobs pay from my research. Now, all you have to do is compare your experience and expectation regarding the job! Let us know your progress as a capital goods job holder in the upcoming years!


Is Capital Goods a good career path?

If you define a good career path based on salary and growth, we will state capital good as a good career path. Capital goods jobs offer competitive wages and challenging daily tasks. The industry offers both physical and technical jobs.

What does the highest paying job pay?

Engineering and marketing-related jobs pay the most money compared to other positions. For example, an Engineering manager in a capital goods firm earns 149,000 USD, and a marketing Mangers earns around 140,000 USD annually.

What is the highest paying position in a company?

A company has a series of roles from the bottom to the top. Among all, the Chief Executive Officer is the top position, who maintains the workflow and reports to the board members about the status and growth of a company. 

What are the two highest paying jobs?

Different industries have different positions in jobs. But, comparing to all industries, we have found two positions that can outperform others in terms of annual payment. 1. Chief Executive Officer, who earns up to $310,000, 2. Medical professionals earn up to $345,000.

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