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What Companies Are in the Basic Industries Field

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Many people suggest others join the basic industries for more job opportunities. But how true is this? Do these companies have more jobs? What companies are in the basic industries field? 

Millions of companies are producing goods in this sector. So, there are different types of carer paths as well. Today we will show you a list of basic industries.

You will have all the ideas about basic companies after watching a list of major industries worldwide. So let’s start with the definition and purpose of the basic industries first.

What is Basic Industry?

The basic industry supplies the raw materials to other companies to make products. For example, iron, wood, paper, and minerals can be sted as basic industry materials.  

You can refer to the import-export business as basic industry work. Basic industries are the largest field of jobs in the United States. There are companies in the basic industries that hear in your daily life in advertisements. 

Types of basic Industries

The basic industries depend on natural resources like metals, fuels, and edible crops. Therefore, we have classified the types of basic industries.

  • Agriculture Industry: Agriculture produces crops and runs the food supply chain. Fifty percent of land in the United States produces crops. Therefore, you will find huge amounts of soy, wheat, and corn in the midwestern United States.
  • Mining Industry: Mining companies extract minerals, metals, and coal from the heart of the earth. American mining farms earned around $85B in raw materials in 2020.
  • Wood and Pulp Industry: Companies in the wood and pulp industries collect wooden materials to produce papers. All the printable papers, books, and packaging are made from material extracted by this industry.
  • Chemical Industry: This industry supplies all kinds of gas and chemical-based materials. Gas and chemical products. Not only the mine-based materials but also the artificial or lab-created materials like adhesives, elastomers, gels, monomers, and polyethylenes.

What Companies Are in the Basic Industries Field?

We will list seven universally known companies in the basic industry field. Then, calculate these sectors’ brand value and potential opportunities by knowing the names.

  1. Chevron

Chevron is the largest name for gas and oil energy. The company is located in San Ramon, California, with 45000+ employees.  Currently, Chevron is running operations in active in more than 180 countries.

The company is renowned for oil and natural gas production. But these days, they are stepping into almost every sector, from generating power to manufacturing products. So, they are a good source of jobs for people with different skill sets.

We recommend Chevron if you want to start an oil & gas production career. According to CNBC, Chevron posted a third-quarter net profit of $11.2 billion.

  1. Ecolab

Ecolab provides services in geothermal energy, water treatment, and pulp manufacturing. The company has hired around 50,000 people in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

The company offers a variety of jobs, from data scientist to plant operator.   They also pay a high salary of $80k on average. So, no doubt Ecolab ensures higher career growth.

The company earned $12,771 in Net Sales in 2021. Their ultimate goal is protecting people and vital resources.

3. PPG Industries

PPG Industries manufactures paints, chemicals, glass, and other hardware equipment. They have recruited around 50,000 employees in several work positions in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Many need to learn PPG Industries is the largest company offering custom paints and varnishes. They provide many roles, from accounting to retail store associate roles. Lastly, An employee in PPG industries can earn up to $80k on average.

The company recorded third-quarter net sales of $4.5 billion in 2021. The amount is multiplying each year as they are expanded to 70 countries.

4. Newmont Mining Corporation

Newmont has become the largest gold mining company in the world since its foundation in 1921. Located in Denver, Colorado, the company has nearly 14,000 employees.

From higher authoritative to easy-to-land entry-level jobs in various profiles are available in Newmont Mining Corp[oration. The company gained a revenue of $2.63 billion in 2021.

It’s the perfect spot to start your career in the basic industry field.

5. Valero Energy

In San Antonia, Texas, Valero Energy is a pioneering oil and gas production company. With eighteen different refineries in several places, Che company employs around 10,000 people. 

The company offers many job opportunities, from Lead Refinery Analyst to Data Centre Specialist, for those looking to enter the basic industry. However, the work culture could be better for freshers entering the mining industry.

Valero Energy made $43.24 billion in revenue in 2022. The company has the largest refinery in North America and refines over 3 million daily barrels.

6. Cargill

Cargill is mostly known for selling refined oils, grain, oilseeds, and edible oils. Located in Wayzata, Minnesota, they are working with 165,000 people! No doubt, they are the largest privately owned corporation in the whole of North America.

Bloomberg reported that Cargill had attained a record-breaking $165 Billion in revenue. The company also offers loads of jobs at the company in various roles.

7. John Deere

John Deere manufactures heavy equipment such as agriculture, forestry, lawn care, etc. The company operates from Moline, Illinois. The company saw revenue growth of $52.8 billion in 2020.

How to Get a Job in the Basic Industries Field?

Getting a job is much more difficult in such highly reputed companies. This is because both educational background & onhand experience are needed to be selected there. But we have some tips to help you become an industry-leading professional.

  • Decide your industry preference first to become a passionate worker.
  • Prepare the right educational arrangements and degrees to apply.
  • Build a network with people from the same community.
  • Decorate your resume with proven work experience in a similar field. 
  • Show confidence and smartness to impress the experts in the industries.

So, that was the seven companies operating their industrial business on a large scale. If you had a “what companies are in the basic industries field” question in your mind, our simple explanation and examples will clear all the confusion.


What is an example of a basic industry?

Basic industries provide raw materials to other industries to manufacture products. Chevron is the largest name for gas and oil energy. The company is located in San Ramon, California, with 45000+ employees. Currently, Chevron is running operations in more than 180 countries.

What are the five main basic industries?

The agriculture industry, 2. Mining Industry, 3. Food Industry, 4. Wood & Pulp Industry, 5. Chemical Industry. Young applicants can apply in metal manufacturing, nonmetallic mineral product manufacturing, oil and gas extraction, agriculture, and chemical manufacturing.

What are base industries?

The base industry is called the “export-oriented industry.” This type of industry imports money into the area where the business is physically located by selling goods or services to customers outside the area.

What are the four types of industries?

The fourth type of industries is the primary, secondary, tertiary, and quaternary. Primary Industry includes agriculture, forestry, mining, quarrying, and mineral extraction. The secondary sector processes raw materials from the primary industry to make new materials and products. The tertiary industry is a service industry that produces no tangible goods but provides consulting and logistic services. Lastly, the quaternary sector provides information-based services.

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