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What Bill Gates thinks about artificial intelligence

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Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates has said that the development of artificial intelligence (AI) is the biggest advance in technology in decades.

In a blog on Tuesday, Bill Gates described AI as a fundamental innovation in microprocessors, personal computers, internet and mobile phones.

The Microsoft co-founder said AI will radically change the way people work, education, travel, healthcare and communication.

Bill Gates said this while writing about technology like the new chatbot ChatGPT. OpenEye developed ChatGPT is a program that answers any questions in human language. Microsoft has invested billions of dollars in this technology innovation. Bill Gates is an advisor to the organization.

ChatGPT isn’t the only chatbot, google recently launched another AI chatbot called Bird. The chatbot has already been launched in the US and the UK.
Bill Gates said he has been meeting with the OpenEye team involved in the development of artificial intelligence chatGPT since 2016.

In the blog, the Microsoft co-founder also said that he challenged the OpenEye team to come in 2022 to develop an AI that could pass the biology test in advanced placement (AP). AP is the equivalent of an A-level exam.

However, he added a strict condition to this. AI cannot be specifically designed to answer biologic questions. A few months later, The OpenEye team released a result that showed the chatbot had scored close, Bill said. He could not answer only one of the 50 questions.

One of the world’s leading tech entrepreneurs said that after the test, he himself asked the AI about the condition of a sick father. How does the father of such a child work for the child?

Bill Gates said, “AI has given such a very thoughtful answer, which was probably a better answer than most of the people we live in.

Bill Gates added, “I realized that after the Graphical User Interface (GUI), I am going to see the most modern technology. “
GUI played a major role in the development of Windows and Mac OS operating systems in the 1980s.

Bill Gates said that he believes that AI technology will also play a big role in the innovation of such a groundbreaking thing in the future.

The Future of AI

Bill Gates, co-chair of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, called on governments to work with the industry to “limit the risks” of AI. But he said technology can only be used to save lives.

Bill Gates writes in the blog that the development of AI is especially important for poor countries. The mortality rate of children under the age of five is still very high in these countries.

The Microsoft co-founder said that many people in these countries never get access to treatment. AI will make the work of health workers in these countries easier. For this, he also cited some examples, such as insurance, paperwork and taking notes, which will make many tasks easier.

Bill Gates called for setting goals now so that AI can do such things in the future. “The market system will not naturally produce AI products and services.

With adequate funding and the right policies, only governments and human welfare organizations around the world can ensure that AI is used to eliminate inequalities in state and society.

The Co-Chair of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation said, “The world needs intelligent people to deal with big problems. Similarly, we need the world’s best AI innovations to tackle major technology problems. ’

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