What are some Remedies for Malefic Ketu?

What is Ketu?

Ketu is associated with Ganesha the first born child of the universe. Consequently the seers considered it to be the oldest planet. In the Vedic Dasha system, it is the place where everything begins. It marks the beginning and the final point of all things. Ketu can also be represented with an eagle or flag. Ketu is similar to Mars.

It is said that Ketu’s domain starts when the domain of Mars is. Ketu is the world of revenge as well as revenge, however the distinction in Ketu is the fact that anger from Mars is only temporary, whereas Ketu is never forgotten and will hold grudges for a lengthy time. Ketu might not produce results that are similar to Mars in the course of its Dasha and transit.

It is possible to try these remedies to get positive outcomes from Ketu. Let’s look at ways to get rid of the adverse effects of Ketu with these solutions.


As we have discussed, Ketu’s main god is the Lord Ganesha. The best way to honor him is to praise him. way to deter the evil elements of Ketu. Ketu can be praised by chanting the following mantra

” Om Shri Ganeshaya Namah”

This mantra should be chanted at least repeatedly and done each Tuesday and Thursday. Sage Prashara suggested chanting Ketu’s Mantra to Ketu 17000 times. The mantra for Ketu is to be chanted 108 times in one sitting , unless otherwise stated.

When reciting mantra, one must be seated with eyes facing south-west direction. It is recommended to keep an image of Lord Ganesha to the left of one’s face while reciting.

Ketu is the god of smell, and dogs possess the most powerful ability to smell. They also have the ability to sense spirits as well as other creatures from the realm of astral. Therefore, we must use dogs as a way to combat the negative aspects of Ketu. Also you can communicate with any best online astrologer in India for your birth chart analysis and more. For example status of rahu and ketu is your kundli.

Bathe Using the Products Related to Ketu

Place Kusha into the bathtub pool and then bathe with it and bathe with. You must perform this remedy early in the day on Tuesday. Do a meditation on Lord Ketu when you perform the remedy. It increases the blessings of Ketu and produce greater results. Should you perform this ritual for the whole duration of Dasha this will help to ease your issues.

It is recommended to donate items from Ketu to see positive outcomes. You can give blue or black blankets wool, mustard oil and a blanket on a Saturday. If you’re unable to contribute all of these items then you are able to donate just mustard oil. Donate these items as per your capacity and don’t make a loan to donate money.

Mantra of Ketu

The Mantra of Ketu is

“Om Ketum Karnavann Ketave Peshomayyam Apeshase, Samushdwirajaythah”.

It is possible to repeat this Mantra at least 108 times, and more for great results. It is essential to have confidence in Ketu as you chant the Mantra. Be positive while chanting and do it with all your concentration to benefit from the outcomes. Follow the guidelines of Mantra to be free of the evil influences of Ketu.

Yantra of Ketu

Ketu assists in beating enemies and shields a person from obstacles. The wearing or the worship of Ketu’s Yantra helps to reduce the negative effects of Ketu when it comes to Dasha and transit. Write 14, 9, and 16 in the three first partitions 15-13 11, 11 for the three middle partitions, and 10 17, 13 and 11 in the final three partitions.

Scents, herbs, fruits and oils

Herbs such as bayberry, basil, sage, and juniper could be utilized to increase the positive energy of Ketu The entire variety of vegetables that are growing under the soil such as groundnut as well as radish, ginger and Saffron boosts the power of Ketu. The consumption of these foods helps in reducing the negative consequences of Ketu.

Ketu is also connected with the horsegram. Feeding horses gram to birds and other animals is an act to honor Ketu. Of all the oil, Ketu tends to be associated with sesame oil and castor. Aromatic oils such as cedar and camphor are beneficial in regulating Ketu’s energy. Ketu.

The scents of flowers that belong to Ketu’s realm increase Ketu’s energy. Aromas that cool, such as skullcap or passionflower can be utilized to counteract Ketu’s negative energies. Ketu. Sandalwood is the ideal choice for cooling the energies of Ketu.

Colours and Clothing:

Utilizing earthy Ketu colors helps in keeping away Ketu’s energy. Giving away earthy-coloured clothing or striped clothing to charity can help to ward away Ketu’s negative energy.


Cat’s eye is the gem for Ketu. It must be cast by casting it in Ashtadhatu or bronze or silver. The other gemstones to consider are Tiger’s eye, Turquoise. The ring must be put on the little fingers on Tuesday. Gemstones to wear for Ketu should only be worn after careful evaluation.

It is best to wear it in the event that Ketu can be found in Yogkaraka Kundali. The stone is tested by keeping it on the pillow for a couple of days. If it is successful, can increase the positive effects of Ketu However, when you notice negative effects, then it should be eliminated immediately.