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Warren Buffett calls artificial intelligence ‘atomic bomb’

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Artificial intelligence has become the talk of the town this year due to the popularity of apps like ChatGPT. Now artificial intelligence-powered chatbots are in many ways. But there is also fear about its misuse.

There are concerns that artificial intelligence will take away millions of jobs. Tech entrepreneurs like Elon Musk have also raised their voices to prevent the rapid spread of artificial intelligence. Now investor and Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffett has spoken out about his fears about artificial intelligence.

Warren Buffett likened artificial intelligence to the creation of an atomic bomb at his company’s annual discussion in Omaha, Nebraska. He asked them to take appropriate action before bringing this technology to the fore. According to a report in the New York Post.

Warren Buffett’s close friend is another billionaire tech entrepreneur and Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates. Bill Gates advocates the rapid development of artificial intelligence. He recently showed Warren Buffett what chatGPT can do. But Warren Buffett said he was a little worried about the technology.

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“When a technology can do all kinds of things, I’m a little worried,” said Warren Buffett, 92, in a conversation with Berkshire Hathaway vice chairman Shirley Munger. Because we know we can’t get it back to its pre-innovation state. You know, we invented the atomic bomb during World War II with good intentions. ’

Warren Buffett said that he thinks artificial intelligence will change everything in the world. But you can’t change the way people think or behave. ’

Like Buffett, Charlie Munger expressed concern about artificial intelligence. He said he was concerned about the uproar over artificial intelligence. According to him, the old-fashioned intelligence is working well.

Recently, artificial intelligence expert Geoffrey Hinton expressed similar concerns, saying that artificial intelligence may be a more urgent threat to humans than climate change.

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