The problem of crooked teeth and its solutions

Crooked teeth are undeniably a major embarrassment. In severe cases the problem may also cause pain and lead you to major health issues in course of time. As the problem denies your normal chewing ability, thus you cannot enjoy your favourite dish or meal to your heart’s desire. More importantly it dents your self esteem. Some people feel to horribly self conscious about their crooked teeth that they forget smiling. These people also consciously avoid social situations.   

Other health issues that this problem triggers include the following –

Improper chewing and digestion – with crooked teeth it is often difficult to chew the foods properly. This is more so with hard food items like meat. Improper chewing often triggers digestion problems.

Periodontal diseases – proper cleaning of the mouth is practically impossible when you have crooked teeth. As a result these patients are easily prone to tooth decay as well as gum disease or periodontal infection. When left ignored and untreated, periodontal infection easily leads to a more severe condition called periodontitis that not only erodes away the jawbones and the gum tissues but may also cause teeth loss.

Difficulties with normal speech – misaligned teeth are found to affect the way you articulate sound. The problem also affects your pronunciation. As a result you suffer from speech problems.

Excessive wear and tear of the teeth – crooked or misaligned teeth take a severe toll on the gums and the muscles in the jaws. The problem as such also does not spare the teeth either. Because of the excessive wear and tear that the problem of crooked teeth infuses you are at high risk to suffer from the following conditions –

  • Cracked teeth
  • Strain in the jaws
  • Lingering and recurring headaches
  • TMJ or temporo mandibular joint disorder

The problem of dented self esteem has already been mentioned above. Therefore we are not repeating it again although this is too a major side effect of the problem of crooked teeth.

The good news is modern dentistry has become innovative enough to provide you with a host of treatment procedures to correct the problem. Gone are the days when conventional braces were the only option to sort out the problem of crooked teeth.

Modern treatment options to correct the problem of misaligned teeth

Orthodontic dentistry in its latest form offers a number of tried and tested options to overcome the issue of misaligned teeth. None of these options include those dreadful conventional metal braces. Few of those options include –

Invisible dental aligners – these are highly customised unique orthodontic appliances that perfectly fit to the unique shape of your teeth. This version of appliances is most effective to cure the problem of misaligned teeth that range of mild to moderate. These aligners create incremental movements as a result of which the problem of crooked teeth is corrected. The version of teeth straightening appliances is immensely popular because of certain factors. Unlike conventional braces these aligners remain virtually invisible inside your mouth. Moreover the category of appliances is removable which means you take the aligners off while eating or brushing and flossing the teeth. Invisible aligners thus also help maintaining optimum oral hygiene throughout your treatment period.

Orthodontic braces

Braces happen to be a more traditional option to correct teeth misalignment. In fact braces can correct a wide range of these problems. Just like invisible aligners discussed above, braces too shift the teeth into the correct position gradually over time. Inspite of the stunning popularity of invisible aligners, braces are the most reliable option for dentists to correct severe cases of spacing, crowding and misalignment of the teeth.  In order to achieve desired goals with orthodontic braces a lot of cooperation from a patient is necessary. Without that expected results are more likely to stay out of reach. Throughout the treatment phase you have to visit the dentist once every 3 to 6 months and the orthodontist every 6 to 10 weeks.

Dental bonding

Whatever may be the cause of crooked teeth, dental bonding is a tried and tested option to sort out the problem. The procedure involves use of resin to seal the unwanted gaps between the teeth. Moreover, it can also impressively change the shape of a tooth. As such dental bonding is widely used to fix a damaged or partially broken tooth. In this procedure your dentist has to select a resin that gels with the natural colour of your teeth. The treatment is suitable to correct minor imperfections of the teeth to make your smile more perfect.