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Neymar, Suarez on video call in support of Messi

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Lionel Messi was banned from the club for traveling to Saudi Arabia without permission. For this reason, the Argentine star later apologized. However, despite the apology, the World Cup-winning star could not calm the fans. He’s paying for it by listening to both of his supporters.

In the 5-0 win over Ajax, whenever the ball went to Messi’s feet, they gave both. Messi could not score or assist on the day of the team’s big victory.

Messi is also supporting club teammate Neymar in such a difficult time on the field. Messi’s friendship with the Brazilian star is quite old. From the time he played for Barcelona. Psg’s Brazilian forward, who is out of the field due to injury, also joined their friend Luis Suarez on the phone sitting in the gallery to support Messi.

While Messi was playing on the field, Neymar and Suarez spoke to each other on a video call. Neymar later shared screenshots of their conversation on Instagram Stories. In that Instagram story, a smiling Neymar is seen. Suarez, who was lying on the bed on the mobile phone held by him, was also seen smiling. Neymar captioned the picture, “Seeing our friend Lionel Messi together. ‘

Like Messi at PSG, Neymar’s future is uncertain. The Paris club is no longer interested in signing a new contract with Messi due to the saudi tour. At the same time, they do not want to keep Neymar at the club next season.

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