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Instructions to show only bullets” in Manipur, India

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Indigenous people in the Indian state of Manipur have been staging a massive protest. The military and border security forces are cracking down on the “Assam Rifles” movement. The state government has issued instructions to only use bullets as a last resort. This news is from Hindustan Times.

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Protests by indigenous people are ongoing throughout Manipur. Yesterday, the On Tribal Student Union held a large gathering in Dak. After all precautions failed today, the Manipur government issued instructions to only use bullets in extreme situations.

A large portion of the people in Manipur are ethnically marginalized. However, those living in the mountainous areas face many difficulties. As a result, the Meiteis demanded that they be classified as “Scheduled Tribes”. They have also taken the matter to court. The Manipur High Court has directed the state government to consider adding them to the ST list.

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