Indiana Kayak Laws and Registration

In Indiana, kayaks are classified as “non-motorized boats” and are subject to the same rules and regulations as other types of non-motorized boats. Here are some key points to consider when kayaking in Indiana:

  1. Personal flotation devices: All kayakers in Indiana are required to wear a personal flotation device (PFD) or life jacket while on the water. Children under 13 years of age are required to wear a PFD at all times while on the water.
  2. Registration: Non-motorized boats, including kayaks, are not required to be registered in Indiana. However, if you are using a kayak with a motor, it must be registered and you must have a valid boater education card.
  3. Alcohol: It is illegal to operate a kayak while under the influence of alcohol or drugs in Indiana. The legal blood alcohol limit for boaters is 0.08%.
  4. Other rules: Kayakers in Indiana are required to follow all other applicable boating rules and regulations, including rules related to right-of-way, speed limits, and navigating in a safe and responsible manner.

By following these rules and regulations, you can help to ensure a safe and enjoyable kayaking experience in Indiana. It is always a good idea to familiarize yourself with the local laws and regulations before heading out on the water, and to be aware of any changes that may occur.