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In Texas, ‘intoxicated’ gunman’s bullets, including children, killed 5

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In Texas, USA, five people, including a child, have been killed by a “gunman”. The incident occurred last night in a house in the city of Cleveland, Texas.

According to local police, there were 10 people present in the house during the attack. Two of the deceased were women, and the bodies of two surviving children were found at the scene.

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Police are searching for a Mexican citizen suspected of being involved in the attack. It is believed that the person was under the influence of alcohol at the time of the attack. The police report that the person began shooting near the house, and when the residents resisted, the person entered the house with a gun and opened fire.

The victims have been identified as Honduran citizens, but the police have not been able to confirm their full identities. It is also unknown whether there was any connection between the attacker and the victims.

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Such incidents of attacks are not new in the United States. Just a few days ago, there was a shooting incident at an event in Texas, where several people were injured. And two weeks ago, four people were killed by gunfire at a birthday celebration in the state of Alabama.

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