Important Things That You Should Know About the SOC Analyst Job

SOC analysts are IT cybersecurity or security professionals who protect a company’s gauge security structures and IT infrastructure from cyber-related threats and attacks. Besides that, they also process all the possible improvements and faults without any issues. The SOC team contains analysts and several other security experts. 

They operate from one office location. The SOC analyst profession is viewed as an advanced stage within the cybersecurity career. So, suppose you wish to build a career in this profession. In that case, you have to take up the SOC analyst training to gain all the knowledge, understanding and skills in this particular area of cybersecurity. 

SOC Analyst: The Description!

The SOC analysts are said to play a double role. This means you must carefully monitor all the possible cyberattacks and then look for ways to create defences to mitigate or avert these attacks altogether. Besides that, you also have to inspect all the suspicious activities, install the security tools and participate in creating security strategies. Besides that, here are some of the other things which you have to do as a SOC analyst:

  • Carry out all the security audits. 
  • Locate all the gaps in the security and their origin. 
  • Carry out all the risky security measures and analysis to find all the defencelessness which affects a company or a business.
  • Must come up with advanced and proper strategies to enhance a company’s security. 
  • You have to place a vigil on the security access and then notify a senior within the corporation about cyberattacks.
  • Make all the reports that enable authorities to make all the needed changes with the security strategies according to the organisation’s requirements. 
  • Upgrade all the security systems of a business periodically to prevent the possibility of a cyberattack.

Skills needed to become a SOC analyst

Once you opt for the SOC analyst training, you will develop many unique skills that can help you greatly when dealing with cyberattacks and various other things. These skills are:

  • Ethical Hacking: All SOC experts with excellent skills in Ethical Hacking will have all the knowledge to detect all the threats and then notify the vulnerabilities so that the corporation stays secure from all these attacks. 
  • Responding to the incidents: You need to know how to take care of all the breaches to reduce their effect and suggest modifications within the security controls. Doing so will enable you to safeguard the organization from breaches in the coming future.
  • Computer forensics: This is a crucial skill. Having this skill means you must prevent all the cybercrime from occurring within a company. Apart from that, you also have to examine and detect evidence to avoid all the security breaches effectively.
  • Reverse engineering: As a SOC analyst, you will have expertise in the area of reverse engineering. You will get the chance to read and comprehend the performance of a particular software program and can quickly fix a bug.

Final Thoughts 

The SOC analysts can effectively take care of a particular company’s security systems and IT structure. Being a SOC analyst will allow you to monitor the networks for any possible cyberattacks and then provide information about it to a senior within a firm. Having proper skills like ethical hacking, computer forensics, and various other things will allow you to prevent unwanted cyberattacks from taking place.