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How to Reverse a Video on CapCut

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Reverse video editing is a trendy style for better storytelling! But you do not need Hollywood-grade software to do this simple trick anymore! Today we will demonstrate to you how to reverse a video on CapCut!

CapCut is the most popular free editing software you will find in the market. You can apply mindblowing effects and transition with it! Now, reversing a video will amaze you even more than before!

So, without any more ado, let’s get into the tutorial.

What is Reversing Video?

Reverse video is an editing process where the video plays backward. For example, if you jump into the pool, record a video, and everyone will see you falling into the water.

But when you reverse the video, everyone will see you flying from the water to the land! Astonishing, right? With an editor like CapCut, you can export reverse videos to amaze your friends within seconds!

How to Reverse a Video on CapCut?

You must decide which device you will use for this purpose. CapCut is a cross-platform application compatible with Android, iOS, Windows & Mac. Depending on your editing device, you must install one of the four versions.

However, we will describe the reversing method for all devices for your convenience. So, follow any one of the following. We have a step-by-step guide on how to reverse a video in CapCut.

First, download the app from the official website, and install it like other apps.

Reverse Video on CapCut: Android

CapCut is the easiest yet most powerful video editing app for Android phones. The interface is clean. Please follow the process in sequence.

  1. Open the CapCut app on your phone.
  2. Tap on New Project, and select your target video.
  3. Click on Edit; some menu will appear.
  4. Select Reverse from the menu and enjoy your clip!

To export the video, tap the arrow icon on the right and click export to render the footage in reverse. Remember that sometimes it takes more time to process the video because of having a lower-configuration phone.

Reverse Video on CapCut: iPhone

iPhone is the best choice for vloggers to record amazing videos. It also has a thriving performance in editing. Hence, the editing process is almost the same as on Android.

  1. Open the CapCut app, and click on the video
  2. Tap on the Edit icon.
  3. Click on Reverse, and the footage is backward now!

Now you can export in seconds with an iPhone with a super fast bionic chipset.

Reverse Video on CapCut: Windows & Mac

Presently CapCut has official clients for Windows PC and Mac OS. The process is similar in both versions. Before starting the operation, please install the application on your PC or Mac. Then follow the instruction.

  1. First, Open the software from your desktop.
  2. Click on New project after opening the editing interface.
  3. Click on Import and add the video footage to the software.
  4. Hold your mouse on the clip and drag that on your video timeline.
  5. Now right-click on the video, and keep the mouse on the Edit option.
  6. Click on the reverse from the drop-down menu.
  7. Done! Now you can click on export to render the video in your preferred resolution!

Well, that’s our simple guide on how to reverse video on the CapCut video editor in 2023. You can install CapCut on your computer if you want to learn video editing or content creation. It is the only free software with hundreds of pro features.


Why can't I reverse on CapCut?

If you cannot reverse video on CapCut, there might be two reasons. 1. You may have an old computer that does not have enough graphical power to reverse a video. 2. Your video file may have any codex issues with playing the video smoothly. So, we recommend everyone read the minimum requirements of CapCut before reversing their footage in that software.

How do you reverse a video backward?

Naturally, we reverse a video using the reverse option in the video editing software. Almost all video editor has a common function to reverse the video. For example, you can reverse a video on CapCut like this, Open the CapCut app on your phone > Select the video footage from the library > Click on Edit Icon > Click on reverse.

How do I reverse an existing video?

You have to import that existing video on the timeline of the video editing software; then you have to find the reverse option from the menu and click it to make the video play backward. Then you can export it to save it as a separate video.

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