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How to Dispose of Old Driver’s License

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It is a common fact that we want to keep our old driver’s license when we get the new one. Sometimes it’s a token of love of the old days. But some certain facts make us think about what to do with an old driver’s license. So, in this blog post, you’ll know that how to dispose of old driver’s license.

Okay! We can figure out how to do that.

What to do With an Old Driving License?

You should be very conscious when you see your driving license plate’s time is expired and you have the new one in your hands. There are specific ways to follow, and eventually, you can avoid some potential threats of identity theft and loss of wealth. Now, we will further discuss what to do with an old driver’s license slot.

How to Destroy an Old License Plate?

Should I destroy my old driving license? Yes, you should. You must be ready to dispose of your old license plate as soon as you get the brand new one in your hand.

As the driver’s license provides some very confidential personal information, there is a chance that it may go to the wrong hands and cause some damage to yours.

Thus, it’s the responsibility of the concerned person to dispose of the plate properly without any delay.

We are here to help you. Let’s explore some convenient ways and methods to dispose of the plate.

Shred your old license

The usual way of disposing of a license plate is shredding the license plate. You can use a shredder to accomplish the result.

And to be more confident of the disposing, you can take the pieces and dispose of them in bits only to throw them into the trash can.

Use Scissors to Cut It

Using scissors can be a good idea to tear the license plate. Just collect nicely working scissors and cut the plate into pieces so that no visible information can be manipulated later. Then dispose of the remaining portions properly.

Take It to Your Local DMV

 If you don’t want to do anything by yourself or are confused about what to do with the old license plate, you can simply take it to the local DMV and let them do the rest. It will save your time and energy.

Burn Your Old License

Burning will be a complete solution to your license plate disposal. Arrange a furnace that can burn metal and burn your pieced old plate in it. Certainly, burning the license plate will ensure the total disposal of your old plate. There should be some specific preventive measures so that you don’t need to experience any kind of personal injury.

Following The Recycling Process

It is now clear that there are plenty of useful ways to lead you to a successful license plate disposal. And, recycling the plate is one of the best ways. You can do that by giving your plate to the local metal recycling firm.

 Why It Is Best/important to Destroy Your Old License’s Plate

We can make a list that can give you some understanding of the importance of destroying your old license plate:

  • Old license plate disposal can save you from the wrong people who can cause some damage of yours by having the plate and manipulating the personal information.
  • Taking access to your information, the bad guys can exploit your driving history
  • Hackers can hack a modern-day electric car, and if your old license plate goes to the hackers’ hands, they can hold access to your vehicle and cause a considerable amount of financial damage. Or they can steal your car by hacking that.
  • In the age of information, any kind of personal data is valuable. If it goes to the hand of miscreants, they can turn that information against that innocent by creating fake websites and profiles. And this will give them the advantage of asking for money from random people hiding their identity.
  • Your license plate information can lead bad people to your financial account. They can access and hold those accounts and cause some severe economic damage.
  • In the end, by having your license card info, the wrongdoers can use your identity to perform unlawful activities, which can lead to some serious lawsuits against you.

Is It Illegal to Keep Your Old Driver’s License?

Keeping the old driver’s license is not an act of crime. It doesn’t lead you to any lawsuit. Even though, one needs to make sure the old one is appropriately disposed or rightly placed in a secure place. To avoid facing further police surge, don’t show your old driver’s license to them.

Should I Shred My Old Driver’s License?

As it is necessary to manage your old driver’s license, shredding can be a good option for disposing of your plate one way or another. We often get confused about whether shredding would be a good option or not. But we can tell you that it is one of the ways you can do it by yourself when you need to be concerned about your old driver’s license.

Our Final Thought

If your permission has terminated, follow the most secure course and obliterate the expired license slot. You can discard your old one by destroying it into tiny pieces and poking holes through it. You can likewise remove its significant signs or consume it. Then again, you can take it to the neighbourhood DMV for removal. If you lost it, inform your local police immediately and follow the legal procedure properly.

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