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How to Delete Messages on Pinterest

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Pinterest became a fun spot for people of all ages! 

It became one of the top ten social media right after its launch in 2010! But often, we see our family members searching on youtube how to delete messages on Pinterest!

To make the task easier for them, we developed the easiest guide on deleting pinterest messages! So let’s dive in and learn an escape plan after accidentally sending a pin to someone!

Why Do You Need to Delete Pinterest Messages?

Imagine you have been using the direct message feature for a long time! But, one day, you sent a message to the wrong person, just like my buddy Bob sent his girlfriend’s photo to his boss! 

That will be so regretful, right? Because he left embarrassing evidence that might be inappropriate when his girlfriend checks it out!

But not anymore! Now you can instantly remove text with any wrong emoji, typo, and attachment like peanut butter!

How to delete messages on Pinterest?

First of all, we have bad news for you. After the recent update, Pinterest excluded the permanent delete functions. This is because their developers think it might be confusing to see old messages with deleted segments.

However, you may use the delete feature if you still use the older versions. But today, we will focus on the hide chat option so that you can keep your inbox neat and clean even after such embarrassing incidents!

How to Hide The Private Messages on Pinterest

Please follow the steps below to learn how to delete messages on Pinterest on Android or iPhone.

  1. Open App

Click on the bubble icon and launch the Pinterest app, already installed on your Android or iOs device. 

  1. Select Conversation

Go to the inbox using the message icon, swipe and scroll through, and stop at the conversation you want to hide.

  1. Tap Message

Tap on the three dots in the conversation’s top right corner. Doing so, a dropdown menu will appear named hide conversation.

  1. Deletation

After tapping on hide conversation, the messages will no longer be in your inbox for the rest of your life! Done!

What Will Happen to The Hidden Message?

When you hide a conversation according to the process, we just discussed, the messages from your end will be lost. But, However, that means the receiver can still see the messages.

Moreover, the message might reappear again whenever they text you back! To stop that from happening, you can block the user similarly.

From the drop-down menu, click on block user to stop the other person from reaching your inbox., 

So, that was the latest guideline on how to delete messages on Pinterest. Whereas it should be better-called hiding messages on Pinterest.


Can I delete Pinterest messages permanently?

You can delete Pinterest messages permanently using the older version of the Pinterest app. But if you have the official versions from last year installed on your Android or iPhone, do not try to install any older versions from the internet. Modified versions might contain malware.

Is deleting messages and hiding messages same in Pinterest?

The purpose of deleting and hiding messages is almost identical. First, you cannot see the unwanted text. In the past, deleting a message is used to erase the message from the sender and receiver. Where hiding a message is only removed from the sender’s account.

Why is the Pinterest app so popular?

The Pinterest app has unique features that users love. It focuses more on images than other popular social media so it can be your favorite platform for creativity. On Pinterest, you can find Pins about almost any topic, from style to innovation.

What is the difference between Google and Pinterest?

Google is a search engine used for research projects. On Google, you have to determine your goal first before doing any digging. But, on Pinterest, you can be motivated by watching other people’s interest. Pinterest is a great place to watch past milestones from other peoples on the same interest.

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