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How to Delete a Message in Groupme –  Complete Guide

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Messenger is the common messaging platform these days around the world. WhatsApp and Instagram are also convenient ways to contact friends. Why won’t it be? Social media apps can provide better quality and features from chatting to calling.

But, there is one platform that may be useful to many groups of people, especially students. Guess what? We are talking about GroupMe! You have all been invited to the group chat system once and joined. But do you know how to delete a message in GroupMe?

There are hundreds of unique features in every app. Certainly, deleting messages instantly is one of the prior features. That’s why we won’t keep you waiting anymore! Let’s get into the tutorial.

How to Delete a Message in Groupme?

Nowadays, app developers are putting the most user-anticipated features to increase the user experience to the next level. But you can still use something else!

Sometimes, the developers imply one feature instead of another feature. Deleting messages in GroupMe also has some complicated manners.

Why Do You Need to Delete Messages in GroupMe?

There will be lots of contacts on your contact list. Do you know all the people? Sometimes people with the same name appear with similar profile photos. In such cases, you could send your message to the wrong receiver.

If you have done something like that, it will be so embarrassing. Who wants to show a personal photo to a stranger? That can be highly dangerous. Especially unfamiliar people can blackmail you with that message.

Therefore, you need to delete your messages after sending them accidentally. Also, people want to delete texts written with grammatical mistakes.

Can You Delete Anything in GroupMe?

GroupMe is a different type of messaging application. It works just like your mobile operator. Let me make it clear to you.

A Standard Messaging system (SMS) delivers messages from one person to another, which are saved on the receiver’s device. GroupMe works the same way.

When you send something, the app transfer that text to the deserving person. There is no way you cannot erase that entirely from both ends. 

But, you can hide the message from your perspective.

How to Hide Messages in GroupMe on Android

When you have GroupMe installed on your Android Phone, you must follow this process to hide a message from your contact list. Please follow the steps.

How to Hide Messages in groupMe

  1. Open GroupMe on your phone. Then, scroll through the chat list and find the chat you do not want to see anymore.
  2. Press and hold your finger on the message you want to hide. Three menus will appear; Copy text, hide message, and reply.
  3. Tap on hide message, and boom! The message is gone!

How to Unhide Messages in groupMe

Now, what if you hide the wrong message? Don’t worry, pal! You can unhide the message in the same way.

  1. Find and tap on the profile photo of the hidden person. If it was a group chat, please tap on the group icon.
  2. Tap on Settings. Then scroll under the privacy options. Now, tap on unhide hidden messages option.
  3. Done! 

You just recovered the hidden message. Or should we say the deleted message?!

How to Hide Messages in GroupMe on iOS

Deleting a message in GroupMe on iOS is similar to our method on Android. There may be a difference in the iPad. However, on iOS devices, you will see the settings button just after opening a group chat.

And what about the rest? Just follow the steps we described for Android. GroupMe has the same interface for both iOS and Android except for the settings menu.

How to Hide Messages in GroupMe on a PC

Remember that you need the GroupMe desktop version to use the feature. Presently the GroupMe web version does not offer the feature.

How to Hide Messages on a PC

Anyway, let’s get straight to the guide.

  1. Open GroupMe from your desktop.
  2. Find the chat you want to hide, and click on that.
  3. Right-click the message, and three options will appear: Hide, Copy, View details, and Reply.
  4. Click on hide and done!

How to Unhide Messages on PC

Again, if you have hidden the wrong message or there comes a change of mind, follow this technique to unhide the message.

  1. Find the group icon or profile pic of the hidden person.
  2. Click on Settings, and an option will appear called Unhide hidden messages.
  3. Done!

Why Does GroupMe Not Allow to Delete Messages?

The groupMe team has disabled the permanent delete option for some security purposes. For instance, we know that messaging apps are not safe for kids. So, a kid cannot gather enough evidence if someone deletes the entire chat. The parents have more control over their kid’s activity by this.

Does Hiding a GroupMe Message Delete It?

Unfortunately no. The message is stored in the server and the other person’s inbox. It can be recovered anytime the sender or receiver wants. But, when both people clear their history, they can delete all the messages together.

Wrap Up

So folk, that’s our guide on how to delete messages in groupoMe. We hope you have enough ideas to differentiate between the delete and hide options. 

Why can't I Delete messages on GroupMe?

You cannot delete your message sent to everyone. It is against the policy of GroupMe. However, you can hide any messages you want. Also, you can clear your history to remove the existence of the entire conversation forever.

How do you Delete individual messages on GroupMe?

The process is very simple. You have to find the message you want to delete. Then tap on the message to have the option called hide messages, now tap on it to hide messages.

How do you Delete a group chat on GroupMe?

To delete a group chat on GroupMe, select the group avatar from your chat list. Now, go to Settings to discover two options, which are: Leave Group and End Group. Tap on the End group if you have to terminate it completely. But you can leave if you want to exclude yourself from the group activity

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