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How to Add Commands on Twitch

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How are commands useful?

The account operator and all appointed administrators can use Twitch commands to take breaks from addressing thousands of queries during a live. Authorities are also handy for completing particular chores, starting raids, and more.

You are probably knowledgeable about utilizing commands or even how to set things up from the beginning if you’re new to Twitch.

There seem to be commands available for everybody, such as updating your identity color or participating in a survey, and commands available only to mods and presenters, such as suspending a user or skipping an advertisement.

You will need to know Twitch commands if you’re a broadcaster or a spectator. The best part is that they work on any platform, writing it in the chat and publishing.

Luckily, this article will teach you all you need to know about using Twitch commands effectively when broadcasting.

What are the commands on Twitch?

Twitch commands give chat rooms a new lease on life and may make streams significantly more engaging for the account operator and the audience.

If you are a broadcaster who receives the same inquiries repeatedly, it is far quicker to build a command that will flash out the response in chat rather than responding to each viewer manually.

Imagine you are a fearless player who frequently asks about your actual Level. You may make a basic chat command so that a Twitch bot will respond whenever a viewer writes “! CurrentRating,” for instance.

This will be tough to picture broadcasting without chatting commands once you have experienced all the advantages, particularly if you always have a considerable following and a vibrant community.

Twitch has also included pre-programmed chat phrases that you may use straight now. These do not necessitate the streamer manually adding bots to their networks.

Here are a few examples:

  • /Ban is a command that allows you to ban somebody from your community.
  • /Clear – clears the data; /subscribers – stops non-subscribed people from entering your group chat.
  • /Slow – prohibits your chat room from sending messages too quickly.

On Twitch, users can use a variety of pre-programmed chat commands. 

How to Add custom commands?

Customized Twitch commands can tell spectators how far you’ve been broadcasting, show your age, brag about health individual records, promote social media pages, and more.

You will have to have a Twitch chatbot to use customizable Twitch commands. There are various bots accessible, but we will utilize Moobot, among the most prominent for this scenario.

Another good option is Nightbot, which is worth noting because it is used by dozens of streams across different platforms.

What’s Nightbot and How Does It Work?

Nightbot is a Twitch chatbot that lets you manage the Twitch chat conversations. One may use Nightbot to create chat instructions that allow us to control your discussion, provide data to your visitors, and even amuse them with diversions and humor.

Nightbot is simple to set up and operate, and it’s also free!

Nightbot can let you manage chat moderating, develop custom commands, and build up several moderating effect settings to suit your streaming requirements.

How to set up a mobot?

  1. Select Link with Twitch on the Moobot webpage on your selected site.
  2. Type in the Twitch username and password to log in. You will be asked to give Moobot authorization to view your homepage. To accept it, click Permit.
  3. When the Moobot dashboard loads, you will choose to take a quick tour or skip this step if you are already acquainted with the bot.
  4. By pressing the green magic stick on your computer, you can make Moobot an administrator on your stream.

Start your Livestream, enter the chat room, then type in /mod mobot follows! moobot rejoin to designate Moobot a chat supervisor.

You are now prepared to resume developing your unique broadcast commands. To build your first command, follow the instructions below:

  1. From the main Moobot panel, select Commands. In the drop-down menu, select Customized Commands.
  2. Fill in the “function description” area with a title for the command. To execute the command, users must put this into the chat box. Then press the Create button.
  3. Type the command’s output in the field labeled “reply.” When you are finished, do not forget to write or click Save.

Continue this procedure for each additional command you would like to develop.

How to learn these commands?

One might wonder how well One might learn these simple instructions after reading them. You can go insane if you do not know how to memorize well.

Valuable hints for dealing with this problem. Learning syntax instead of memorizing each command is one method of mastering all of the authorities.

Furthermore, all commands have a defined syntax.

People cannot see these commands by design and can also be accessible by inputting “/” preceded by the function description.

“/help,” for illustration, will show you a list of accessible instructions. “/set viewer” is the most frequent command.

If you want to give your Twitch account a little more individuality, you can do so by using fun commands.

Visitors can add instructions that enable your audience to vote on which games you should play tomorrow or commands that invite you to a virtual reality game of rock, paper, and scissors.

Users can set unique commands for spectators unless you’re a Twitch administrator.

Twitch admin commands could provide viewers with data, such as your flow’s timetable, or promote positive behavior, such as applauding for a donations target.

Introducing commands to the Twitch chatroom is straightforward, with only a few stages.

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