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How Many Legs Do Ants Have?

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Haven’t you been afraid of the red ants all your life?

Did you also call the red ants’ bad and the black ants’ good ones’?

Ants are the tiniest animal that you have been encountering everywhere all your life, especially in sugar containers. But no matter how tiny it is, it is one of the most important creatures in our ecosystem. 

Even though you see it everywhere, one question has undoubtedly come to your mind at least once  – like how many eyes ants have or how many legs they have. The question seems simple, but the answer can be confusing. 

But you don’t have to worry; here in the following discussion, you will get to know how many legs ants have.

Ant Anatomy

Let’s learn about ant anatomy first.  

Ants have a strong exoskeleton, a body divided into segments, and a body divided into three parts – the head, thorax, and abdomen. 

The head of an ant consists of the mouthparts, eyes, and antennae. The thorax is the attachment site for the legs and wings. Finally, the digestive and reproductive organs are located in the abdomen.

Ant Legs

Now, it’s time to ask the first question – how many legs do ants have? 

The answer is three pairs on each side, which makes a total of six. These legs are attached to the thorax, and the ants use them for walking, running, and climbing. Ants have a unique leg feature that allows them to cling to surfaces, even upside down. A small, hair-like structure on the underside of their feet creates a sort of “glue” effect.

Ants also use their legs for other purposes, such as carrying objects and communicating with ants. For example, some species of ants have specialized “dancers” that use their legs to send chemical signals to other ants, indicating the location of food sources or potential threats.

Ant Leg Variations

All the ants have the same number of legs, but you will notice some differences in their leg structure and their functions according to each species. 

Getting confused?

No worries, let’s look at an example. 

Some categories of ants can cover more distances swiftly with the help of their long legs. Others are more adapted for climbing and navigating through smaller spaces because they have shorter legs.

Also, some of the ant species have unique leg structures that allow them to carry out particular activities. For example, leafcutter ants use their strong, big mandibles and unique legs to bring some giant chunks of food back to their home.

Strong, hook-shaped claws on the front legs of the army ants allow them to grasp onto prey while tearing it apart with their mandibles.


Understanding ants’ anatomy is only a tiny part of the problem because they are intriguing animals with intricate social systems and behaviors. They have six legs joined at the thorax part of the body. Ants use them for a movement like walking, running, climbing, carrying, and social interaction. The basic leg structure is the same for all ants; however, there are minor leg length, form, and function differences between various species. But no matter the difference, these legs are the only weapon that helps them to work the hardest and be an example of hard work for every species.


Do ants have eight legs?

No, ants have six legs. Three pairs of legs on each side, which makes a total of six. These legs are attached to the thorax part of the ant’s body. 

Do all ants have six legs?

All insects have six legs, including ants. The common black ant and the dreaded bullet ant are both the same in this regard. The central portion of an ant’s three-part body, the thorax, is where all six legs are attached, regardless of whether it is a worker, a queen, or a drone.

How many legs does an ant have, 6 or 8?

Ants have six legs. This aspect has similarities between the common black ant and the deadly bullet ant. All six legs of an ant, whether worker, queen, or drone, are linked to the thorax, the central component of the three-part body.

Why do ants have knees?

The three joints on each of an ant’s six legs, but these are not knees. Ants receive signals from their surroundings using special sensors on their feet and this joint.

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