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How do you decorate a wall with wall tiles?

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Want to decorate a wall with an aesthetic vibe? Well, you will be pleased to know that you can find tiles for wall decor in DBL ceramics.

Whether you’re looking for top-quality or unique designs, you will meet your needs in this place. But how do you decorate a wall with wall tiles?

In this article, you can find the different ways through which you can easily do it. Let’s get started.

How do you decorate a wall with different wall tiles?

Here are 6 different ways through which you can decorate a wall with wall tiles:

Use Ceramic tiles

You can decorate a wall your living room wall with ceramic tiles. As it is a welcoming and warm space, you can choose ash, charcoal, and sand shades.

Also, there are different ceramic tiles with beautiful patterns and textures. While you use the delicate designs and colors around the room, the ceramic tiles try to reflect its features and functions.

Decorate with Stone tiles

Another type of decorative piece is the stone tiles. Now, you can design the walls with bold designs to catch all your guest’s attention.

Also, you can create a different surface using these tiles. For example, you can use stone tiles and create frames in place of directly hanging any paintings. The stone texture gives off an attractive outlook.

On the other hand, these tiles can also be paired with other designs. For instance, you can use different wooden furniture or tile flooring to mix and match with the stone tiles.

Decorate with Accent wall tiles

You can also decorate a wall using accent wall tiles. With the perfect concrete finish and lighting, you can create a unique look in the house. In most cases, people tend to create a romantic and cozy surrounding with these tiles.

Choosing white accent wall tiles would also be great if you want a simple and elegant outlook. There are varieties of white tiles with different textures. Hence, you will get textured and patterned walls without any effort.

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Use Mosaic tiles

The best flooring type is the mosaic tiles that you can use in any house place. This is a safe option for everyone, whether it’s kitchens, halls, bathrooms, or lobbies.

Most people choose these mosaic tiles with hot climates to get a desired look in the space.

Utilize 3D mosaic tiles

Most 3D mosaic tiles are made of top-notch PU foam and PU leather. With high-density memory, these PU foams hold no backboard or glue. The 3D mosaic tiles come in different patterns and textures. So, you can work well with these tiles on curved walls, pillars, and dorms.

Additionally, these tiles are very helpful when thinking about DIY-ing the wall. This is because you can cut these tiles using a utility knife.

Implement Marble tiles

You can choose marble tiles to decorate a wall with wall tiles. Places with high ceilings can choose these tiles to be tension-free. These marble tiles are ideal for drawing or living space.

For instance, you can simply choose white marble tiles with wooden tiles to create an eye-catching look. This look brings a sophisticated and stunning effect with neutral color tones.

Different color combinations with wall tiles

With the right type of wall tiles, you should choose the perfect color combination with wall tiles. Here is a list of a few colors that can help you:

White tiles

One of the safest options for choosing tiles is white tiles. With these simple tiles, you can create different 3D effects and a playful atmosphere in any family room. Plus, by choosing some contrasting colors, you can incorporate some storage space in the space.

Monochromatic look

Monochromatic looks have been very trendy in recent times. So, you can choose a shade with some varying hues. For example, if you choose the color blue, you can get some other shades of blue to design the space.

Next, you can search for different geometric-patterned carpets or drapes to match the walls.

Brown and grey tones

To design a room, you can go for the color combination of brown and grey tones. The cloudy grey color will simply match the vibrant-colored sofa or drapes.

While most people call brown and grey tones boring, they would create a very chic look for any space. Along with grey tiles, you can choose the interior, like flooring, décor, or furniture, to be brown.

Brick design

There are many brick-designed tiles available in stores. So, you can choose these brick designs for the accent wall. As these bring a rustic charm to the atmosphere, every outdoor lover will surely love this design!

Final verdict

By now, you know, “how do you decorate a wall with wall tiles.” You should also get an idea about proper color combinations with different types of tiles.

Happy decorating!

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