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Why is ERP System Necessary in Garments Industry of Bangladesh?

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In March 2022, Bangladesh soared in apparel export revenues by 60.15 percent. Besides, we alone export 84% of garments worldwide. We all know that the apparel industry has always contributed significantly to the growth of the average GDP. That’s why Bangladesh needs to innovate, upgrade, and diversify to become even for successful. And that includes the use of  Garments ERP software. Keep reading to learn why the RMG sector needs to invest more in ERP systems.

Top 8 reasons why ERP system is necessary for garments industry of Bangladesh

Among many other reasons, here are the top reasons you should employ an ERP system today for your garments.

Becoming a desired partner

Technology is taking over. Keeping that in mind, Bangladesh serves foreign clients, right? These clients are mainly from developed countries. So, they are entirely dependent on technology.

As a result, they will look for partners who are utilizing new technologies. Also, if you are using an ERP system, that indicates that you have a lesser cost. This also means you can make and sell a product that will cost less. As a result, you can become a potential garment-making partner to international clients.

Better communication with clients

An ERP system will allow you to communicate with all the departments of your business and clients. Also, it will help with the right information at the right time. Regarding that, there is ERP software that can translate languages.

For example, we get clients who are mostly from the USA, China, and Japan. Since language can be a serious barrier in terms of business communication, you need an ERP system that will help you communicate effectively.

Quality products and productive manufacturing process

The manufacturing process is complex for apparel businesses. Not just that, it’s lengthy too. Therefore, it’s essential to monitor and collaborate with different sectors of a manufacturing process. That way, you get to produce quality products.

So, if you can’t keep an eye on the progression of work throughout all departments—various issues will arrive. And it will result in poor production. All things considered, if our garment industry doesn’t want this kind of result, they certainly need to use a Garments ERP system.

For more customer satisfaction

With the help of an ERP system, you can monitor the entire production process. For that, you will be able to identify if there are any other issues during the assembly of clothing.

Also, there could be a new instructions from your client. If you use an ERP, system you can confirm addressing all the needs of your clients.

In the end, you get to make some quality products. As a result, you can make clients happy! Thus, if we want to perform better and make our clients more satisfied.

On time delivery

Processing orders and returns take place on a daily basis in the apparel industry. For that, you need a reliable tracking system that you will find in an ERP system.

Besides, it will make the tracking producer easier. With the help of order tracking and management, you can plan ahead. And that will allow you to monitor activities like package tracking, shipping, return policies, account credits, and others.

Consequently, the entire procedure will run smoothly. That means you will get to deliver on time and complete the return process faster.

Decreasing operational cost

You see—ERP is an integrated system. That’s why you don’t need to reach all the operational divisions separately to carry out the proper manufacturing. If you need to check in on all the sectors separately, the operational cost will be naturally higher.

But if you use an ERP system, you can check or ask for any data that you will get instantly! On the other hand, this integrated system will reduce uncertainty. Also, you get to track all the movements regarding the operation. As a result, you can calculate the actual expense.

Quality assurance

ERP can record every step of the operation and production. As a result, you can observe the entire process production process. Let’s say you need raw materials. In that case, how much are you buying and how much are you using will be updated in an ERP.

In fact, from collecting raw materials to retailing the product—everything will be saved in an ERP. Consequently, you can ensure the quality of the ordered products throughout the production cycle.

Adapting with changes

You might already know that the garments industry is changing all the time. Thus, you need to adapt the operational and production processes from time to time.

If you pick a cutting-edge ERP, you can adjust to the continuous changes. That will include both operation and production.

In a nutshell

ERPs make business operations more organized. Also, it’s both cost and time saving. Ultimately, it will offer your return on investment. And it applies the same to our garment businesses so we can grow the industry further.

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