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Criminal Law

What is the Punishment for Simple Assault?

Simple assault is very common but serious mischief. If someone does this and the victim wants to give him or her punishment surely, he...

Tort Vs. Criminal Laws: Definition, Examples, Differences

Law terms are very detail-oriented so that the criminal does not find the loophole to get away from crime. That is why when a...

Simple Assault Charges and Ways to Defend Yourself

Assault charges cover a wide range of activities. Starting from a fistfight to a beggar aggressively asking for money can be a part of...

Signs That a Criminal Case is Weak

There is a conception that a criminal case is tough to beat in the trial, but it is wrong. Almost 90% of the cases...

Can You Go to Jail for Lying to a Police Officer?

If you are wondering whether can you go to jail for lying to a police officer or not, then you have opened up the...

How to Get a Criminal Case Dismissed?

If you have ever been charged with any criminal case, you might undergo the trial process. A criminal case can always cost you lengthy...

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