BLEMIVIV KONCEPT: Best Skin Care specialist

BLEMIVIV KONCEPT presents the Papaya Body wash which is made of organic products that make your skin spotless and bright. Papaya body wash helps to improve the condition of white spots on the skin and reduce skin rashes. It helps to manage the texture of your skin.  It is used to moisturize your body. The pregnancy skin care range gives you a natural glow and tightens your skin. The pregnancy kit of BLEMIVIV KONCEPT has organic ingredients that are not harmful to women and don’t make the body of women ugly.

Best skincare routine

You have to follow skin care routine to avoid pigmentation and rashes. There are following day and night routines by following these steps you can take care of your skin and make your skin more glowing and light:

What should I use in the morning?

Basic steps that you have to follow in the morning are cleanser, moisturizing and sunscreen.

  • Use Papaya body wash for deep cleansing.
  • Moisturize your skin with moisturizing cream and balms.
  • You can use sunscreen to protect your skin from the effects of sunlight.

What should I use at night?

Steps that you have to follow at the night are makeup remover, cleanser, spot treatment and night cream. These steps help you make your skin fresh and shiny.

  • You just need to remove the makeup before sleeping.
  • Wash your face with Papaya face wash which gives you shiny skin.
  • You can treat your escapes with drying products.
  • Moisturize your skin with moisturizer which supports your skin repair.

What should I can do for Pregnancy skin care

BLEMIVIV KONCEPT provides you Pregnancy skin care range that gives you a glow all through pregnancy with organic ingredients without harming your body. This range of products doesn’t lighten the skin but preserves all types of skin.

The pregnancy skincare range contains different products as follows:

  • Pregnancy cream: If you are worried about the pregnancy aging marks and facial line then use this cream on your face and belly without drying your skin because it is made of natural ingredients.
  • Pregnancy oil: This oil helps you to soften, nourish and hydrate your skin and gives you a fresh and smooth look.
  • Pregnancy glow soap: This glowing soap is superb for pregnant women. This soap can moisturize your skin and gives a clean skin tone.  
  • Pregnancy glow face cream: This glowing cream provide a natural glow that helps you to look more attractive. Grapefruit extract in this cream helps to fight against aging.

Final Thoughts:

Papaya body washes and pregnancy skincare range of BLEMIVIV KONCEPT gives you glowing skin. Papaya body wash gives you deep cleansing and pleasant fragrance which can be used on all body parts like the face, arms, and legs. These body washes reduce dryness and aging. Pregnancy skin care rage gives you glowing skin and takes care of your body from rashes and aging. It can help to make skin shiny and soft.