Advanced Elements Convertible

The Advanced Elements Convertible is an inflatable kayak that can be converted into a tandem (two-person) or solo (one-person) kayak depending on your needs. It is designed for recreational paddling on calm waters such as lakes, bays, and slow-moving rivers.

The kayak is made of a durable, puncture-resistant material and has a length of 15′ and a beam (width) of 35″. It has a weight capacity of 550 pounds, which is suitable for two adults and some gear. The kayak is also equipped with adjustable, padded seats with high backrests for comfortable paddling, as well as a built-in cooler and cup holders to keep your drinks within reach.

The Convertible has a wide, flat hull design that provides stability on the water and makes it easy to stand up and fish or take a break. It also has a bow and stern hatch for storing gear, as well as a removable skeg (fin) for improved tracking and stability on the water.

Overall, the Advanced Elements Convertible is a versatile and user-friendly kayak that is suitable for recreational paddlers of all skill levels. It is a great choice for paddling solo or with a friend, and is suitable for a variety of water conditions.