8 marketing tips for beginners in real estate photography

This niche is a great place to market your photography business. But where should you begin? What are the best marketing strategies for real estate photography?

Refer to others for help in growing your business

Your marketing efforts should include word of mouth. Word of mouth is the key to many photography businesses.

How to get clients as a freelance photographer? Start with your family and friends. Ask your friends and family to recommend you to real estate agents they know. Ask your friends to share their brochures or business cards on the official message boards.

To attract clients, you must take great photos. All newcomers will be turned away by bad photos of real estate.

Targeted campaigns are created to draw in an audience

Successful photographers often have a knack for promoting themselves on social media. Your free posts won’t be noticed unless you have a large following. Your posts may be shared by someone you know.

It is best to pay for the ads. There is one catch. You can spend a lot of money on Facebook marketing campaigns that are not set up correctly.

To build lasting relationships, network

For me, networking was a revelation. Here’s the thing. Every business owner struggles to find customers and establish relationships with other businesses. This is not a problem that you are alone in.

Every week in every city, business meetings are held. All you have to do is find them and then serve them. Make sure you have your flyers and business cards ready.

Contact the organizers to find out if any brokers or real estate agents are attending. Talk to them. They are looking for new opportunities.

Flyers can be passed out to potential clients

It is important to have a simple and quick way to introduce yourself. Flyers and brochures are a great way to do this. Printing is simple and can be done by yourself or by hiring a professional.

To convince clients, present your work in person

Although I haven’t tried it, many real estate photographers agree that it is the best way to get a lot of clients. You should be able to speak in public and create compelling presentations.

It’s the same strategy. You can either find an agent at an open house or visit their office directly. Ask to make a presentation and offer some great starter deals that any reasonable person would not turn down.

To attract attention, send personalized emails

You can reach customers directly if you send out an email marketing campaign that is well-targeted.

Collect emails from real-estate sites. Start with 50 personalized, handmade emails. Do not send generic junk emails to people’s faces. Make it appear that you are writing them.

Mention the name of the agent, mention a list that you have with better photos, and tell them that you are local to their area.

Optimize your website for more traffic

Photography SEO is a broad topic. It deserves at least one article, maybe even a course. SEO stands for search engine optimization. This is how we position ourselves in Google and other search engines.

SEO is important. It can be a single source of leads. SEO can be difficult to master. It can take months or even years to create an authoritative website that ranks for competitive keywords.

Optimization can be completed in days or weeks. Link building, however, takes many years. You don’t need spam backlinks to rank high. Links from trusted sites are required, as well as great content.

To find out more about your competitors, check local directories.

You need to make a lot more local appointments, as I said earlier. There are many other things you can do. Also, search for local directories to join them.

A great directory is customer-oriented. Potential clients use it to find a professional photographer. Houzz.com is a good example. It has subsites all over the globe.

Each directory has its ranking system. To be successful, your profile must be adjusted to reach the top. Some sites prefer a large portfolio while others prefer lots of reviews. Some sites pay close attention to what you have left out of your profile.