7 Ideas to make the most of a small area for a big gathering

Even if your area isn’t huge doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have the perfect party. Hosting family and friends into your home for a meal, brunch or cocktails, or even dessert is a lovely gesture of friendship, love and goodwill. Plus, it’s fun!

With a little creativity, maneuvering and outside-the-small-space thinking, you will be able to transform your home to welcome all your party guests.

The scene is set

In order to accommodate your guests, you have to create space according to Ariel Knutson, news and culture editor at TheKitchn.com who frequently moves extra living room furniture such as the TV, TV stand, bicycle and other junk into her bedroom in order to make room for her guests. According to Knutson changing the arrangement of furniture makes the room more spacious and offers guests more options to stand or sitting.

Explore the possibilities

Make the most of your space to the fullest extent and never neglected potential. Katie Meyers, hgtv.com writer suggests throwing pillows that are placed on the floor to provide comfortable seating, arranging the different types of wine glasses, the kitchen sink to serve as an ice-filled cooler as well as an unfinished white tablecloth for a place to eat.

Keep temperatures low

A small area plus lots of people creates heat Knutson recommends shutting off the oven at the very least an hour prior to guests arriving and turning on the air conditioner. She suggests keeping a windows open and running a fan in a space or area that is away from the event space to allow guests to cool off when they need to.

Conserve drinkware

The idea of having guests label their cup or glass can help avoid a lot of cup-clutter that is littered and will make it easier to clean up towards the close of your evening According to Meyers who recommends using wine charms to create an attractive appearance. Try the best wine coolers for no/low drinkers.

Establish a coat room

Gathering coats of your guests bags, purses and coats and putting them in a separate room from the space where they will be partying similar to a bedroom will reduce the amount of clutter, says Knutson.

Be a decor minimalist

One of the most enjoyable aspects when entertaining is the opportunity to decorate your space, it’s better to keep the decor at a minimum, says Meyers who suggests having simple centerpieces, and a simple color scheme. Meyers also suggests making the most of the vertical space by hanging lights or streamers from the ceiling , or on the walls. Simple can be elegant and guests will be delighted with the clean and stylish design.

Stop traffic jams

Food and drinks for parties attract guests and if you set these dishes that are magnetic in the same area, you may accidentally create a traffic jam for your party. Instead, consider putting up multiple snack stations in the space for your party, suggests Knutson who makes use of her coffee and dining tables to serve food in a presentation. To maximize space on your table, Meyers suggests using cake stands or risers, tiered trays or risers for your savory or sweet desserts.

If you follow these suggestions and tricks, you’ll soon be saying, “The more, the merrier,” at the next event.