6 Reasons to choose Clear Braces for your treatment

Do you know modern orthodontic dentistry has improved so much that braces are not the only option to straighten the teeth in the recent times? Invisalign is a revolutionary technology to get perfectly straight teeth. It uses a series of clear aligner trays that is customised to perfection to fit into your mouth. The cutting-edge technology can fix a range of orthodontic issues including the following –

  • Bite problems
  • Overcrowded teeth
  • Spacing between the teeth

These days an ever increasing number of orthodontic patients are choosing invisalign over traditional braces. What benefits does invisalign offer that braces cannot? Let us find out in the paragraphs below.

Easier to clean the teeth and maintain sound oral hygiene

Conventional braces are fixed to your teeth throughout the duration of your treatment. These treatments easily run for a year and a year and a half at the least. It is really difficult to clean the teeth well while you are on these braces. Food particles stuck in the areas between the braces and the teeth surface and cleaning those areas is really tough where toothbrush bristles find difficult to reach. Improperly cleaned teeth often thus lead to poor dental hygiene for the patients.

On the other hand, invisalign trays are easily removable. So you can pop out the aligner trays and give your teeth and the overall mouth a thorough cleaning every day. Brushing and flossing the teeth are absolutely hassle-free for invisalign patients. There is no need to worry about brushing between the wires and brackets as is the case with patients on conventional braces. Thus your oral hygiene is never compromised when you choose invisible aligners over conventional braces.

No restriction on your diet

As you start your life with conventional braces, your dentist tells you to avoid certain foods. You are even restricted from chewing gums. These precautions are meant to ensure there is no damage to your orthodontic appliances placed on the teeth so that your treatment goes uninterrupted. But some patients ignore the restrictions and end up with damaged wires or brackets.

Invisalign has not dietary restriction for its patients. It allows you to eat and drink just anything you wish throughout your treatment phase. Just take the removable aligners off the teeth and enjoy your meal or snack. Once you are finished, clean the teeth and wear back the aligners once again. Life is so simple with these invisible aligners!

Much greater comfort

Your mouth takes some time to get used to any new orthodontic appliance. But clear plastic aligners offer much greater comfort compared to braces. The reasons are as following –

Clear plastic aligners come without any sharp edge, while metal brackets invariably come with sharp edges to irritate the muscles and tissues in the cheek. The edges of clear plastic aligners are smooth.

Conventional braces require to be tightened by your dentist or orthodontist. But invisalign follows a complete different pattern. It involves a series of aligner trays and you replace each set of tray every two weeks. Each aligner is little more adjusted compared to the previous one. Initially when you put on a fresh pair of aligners you may feel little tightness but that automatically vanishes away in a day or two.

Virtually invisible inside your mouth

Conventional braces system come with metallic wires and brackets that stuck out from your mouth. Thus braces are aesthetically much less appealing as well as unattractive. You get easily identified in a crowd as ‘the metal mouthed’. In contrast to that the name invisalign comes from invisible aligners. As a matter of fact the clear plastic aligners remain virtually invisible inside your mouth and it is practically impossible for anyone to notice the clear aligners worn at the back of your teeth.

Fewer visits to your orthodontist’s office

When you are on fixed braces you have to visit your orthodontist at short and frequent intervals to get the wires tightened. In contrast to that invisalign follows a completely different strategy in straightening the teeth. it relies on a series of aligners that you change after every two weeks on your own without having to visit your orthodontic expert. However you still have to visit your orthodontist’s office to assert the progress of your treatment. But those visits are pretty seldom in 4 to 8 weeks at the most.

No discolouration issue

Dentists handling patients with invisalign Wimbledon have something interesting to add in the ongoing context. They point out that a section of conventional braces patients experience little discolouration of the teeth at the spots where the brackets were in contact to the teeth. This results from excessive consumption of sugary foods and drinks as well as other staining items. When you are on the invisible aligners system these chances are never possible.